Validation of non-formal and informal learning in Sweden

deltagThe Swedish national event for validation of non-formal and informal learning was held on Thursday, 28 August 2014. Participants of the roundtable event were representatives from Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (the Workers’ Educational Association), ABF, involved in national educational and union learning programmes.

The event started with a brief background on ABF’s previous work on validation. ABF has long experience of working with validation involved in previous projects, such as Portfolio, Salt/OCN and Brobyggarna. The latest and most current project, Valiante, has so far had over 300 participants who attended and completed the validation process.

For the participants of the courses an essential aim of the validation process is the possibility to develop awareness about their own competencies. One reason is that the awareness of one’s competences may increase both self-esteem and self-confidence. Another reason why validation is valuable to the participants appears when they change workplace and need a document of required competencies that can be used and recognised by a future employer.

The learning achieved is based on seven core competencies:

  1. Democratic civil competence
  2. Social competence
  3. Inter-cultural competence
  4. Cultural competence
  5. Learning competence
  6. Communicational competence
  7. Organisational and management competence

The agenda for the event also included a meeting with a group of people that have had their learning validated themselves and are now undergoing a validator training to be able to validate others’ learning outcomes. The discussions of the event focused on how to progress towards a system where informal and non-formal learning have equal, valuable qualifications and also how to include European dimensions to the national strategies. ABF will continue working on a European Qualifications Framework / National Qualifications Framework adaptation of the validation.


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